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Scheduling made simple

With integrated forecasting, automated scheduling and reporting,
Planbase is the easiest way to schedule your team.
A WFM platform built for
Scheduling Excellence

Scheduling doesn’t have to be difficult. Planbase makes planning, forecasting and scheduling
easy, accurate, and far less time-consuming.

Scheduling & Task Management

Give teams accuracy in staffing, control in task management and visibility into the data that helps improve performance.

AI-Powered Demand Forecasting

ML driven forecasting across channels, skills, and queues.

SLA & Productivity Management

Real-time monitoring of channels and user states, to quickly address productivity gaps.

Workflow Automations

Automate tedious workflows like schedule creation and availability management with the click of a button

Compliance & Analytics

Simplify reporting, safeguard against compliance risks, and unlock valuable insights from your data.

Features that make you work better

Ready for a smoother scheduling experience?

Perfect staffing & automated workflows
Reduce costs without sacrificing service
Reduce staffing costs and improve service levels with smarter, simpler and automated forecasting, scheduling, and reporting — plus real-time insights that let you adjust to business changes and always meet your SLAs.
Leverage AI to automate your workflows
Our platform uses smart automation to simplify complex workflows, enabling your team to focus on strategic tasks while the system automatically manages schedule creation, SLA management and availability collection.
Integrations accross your entire app ecosystem

For teams looking to manage
their scheduling workflow.

  • Scheduling & Staffing Module
  • Availability Managament
  • Standard Reporting
  • Slack, Gcal & WhatsApp integrations

For teams who need accurate staffing plans and automation.

  • Everything in Starter +
  • AI Forecasting
  • Analytics
  • Core Integrations

For teams that want to scale and optimize performance

  • Everything in CORE +
  • Custom Integrations
  • Scheduling Optimization Engine
  • All features included
Everything you need to manage your workforce in one place.
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