Security, HIPAA & Privacy

As a business you need to be sure your technology vendors take cybersecurity risk and data protection as seriously as you do. That's why we’re committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of all data, especially protected health information, we receive, transmit or store on behalf of customers.HIPAA compliance includes both technical and organizational policies and controls. At Planbase we take the necessary technical measures to secure our application in a HIPAA compliant way. This includes encryption, scanning, monitoring, and much more. Organizational controls are also a fundamental component of security, and as such, we take steps including signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs), screening 3rd party vendors, managing company policies like training & access control, and much more.Below you can find a brief summary of key technical and organizational policies we have in place. If you have any questions about these policies please reach out to

Security Operations & Development
  • All new systems and services are scanned prior to being deployed to production.
  • Static and dynamic software application security testing is performed on all code, including open source libraries, as part of our software development process.
  • Security is embedded in all stages of the SDLC and we continuously monitor our security and compliance status.
Third-party Risk Management
Cloud Server Security
Personnel Security
Privacy Policy
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